“Honey, we forgot our kid’s bar/bat mitzvah!”

Sometimes, you need quick bar/bat mitzvah lessons. As in fast. Because life happens. People are busy. And while no one actually forgets their child’s bar or bat mitzvah, sometimes it’s only a short time before the big day, and your child needs to learn quickly. Not to worry – at Jewtor, our tutors have plenty of experience in working with families to get the kids up to speed with quick bar/bat mitzvah lessons.

The usual schedule for bar/bat mitzvah lessons

Most kids start learning with us between six months and a year before their bar or bat mitzvah. Some start earlier, and that’s good, because then there’s time for deeper learning of Jewish texts and values, and to really become proficient in Hebrew.

Quick Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring

But sometimes, as noted, life happens. And Jewtor is here to help your child learn as much as possible so that the day will be saved – and be both a wonderful memory for your family and a step into Jewish learning that your child will enjoy.

When there isn’t much time, we modify our curriculum to focus on what your son or daughter needs to learn for the day itself. That might include learning the blessings for having an aliyah to the Torah, chanting a short Torah reading, singing key prayers, and more, all based on the time available.

What parents can do to help

The sooner you contact Jewtor, the better, so we can get started right away. And it’s fine to have multiple lessons a week, which will allow your son or daughter to quickly get up to speed. At Jewtor, we are happy to work with you in flexible scheduling, and because all our lessons are online, it’s easy to find times that work for you and your child.

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