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Adult Bat Mitzvah Tutor – Jewtor!

So, you’ve decided to learn for your adult bat mitzvah. Mazal tov! You’ve come to the right place, because we understand how it can be daunting to prepare for an adult bat mitzvah. And you can now feel undaunted as an adult learner of Hebrew, of chanting Torah and Haftarah, and all the rest.

Why an adult bat mitzvah is a big project

You’re an accomplished adult. You may be a professional, and/or an accomplished mom or grandma, and competent in every aspect of your adult life. Except one: you feel awkward or left out in your synagogue, because everyone else looks like they know it all. (Whether they actually do or not.)

Many women didn’t have bat mitzvahs as girls because, when they were growing up, girls didn’t get the same kind of Jewish education that boys did. Many weren’t even sent to Hebrew school, even if their brothers were. Also, egalitarianism has come to many synagogues only in the last generation. So even if you were lucky enough to get a Jewish education as a girl, it’s probably been a lot of years since you were able to use the skills you learned then. All in all, it’s understandable that you might feel left out in the synagogue service.

Of course, it can seem like a really big project to begin learning for your adult bat mitzvah. But you’ve probably done other big projects in your life, no? All you need is a patient, personal tutor to help you, and that’s where Jewtor comes in.

Learning for your bat mitzvah as an adult

Yes, you can learn how to have an aliyah, how to read Hebrew, how to chant from the Torah, how to chant a Haftarah, and how to write and deliver a dvar Torah. You can become a full participant in your synagogue.

Jewtor is here to help you learn how. Jewtor – one-on-one personal online Jewish tutoring – can help you, in a non-threatening, supportive learning environment through one-on-one sessions with a gentle, supportive private Jewish studies tutor to prepare you for your adult bat mitzvah.

We’ve worked with women like you who want to be able to read Torah or chant Haftarah, or read a chapter of Esther on Purim, or lead part of the prayer service, or all of these. We’ll work out a study program that meets your needs and your schedule so that you can prepare for your adult bat mitzvah and beyond…because Jewish learning doesn’t stop with a bar or bat mitzvah!

Wherever you are in the world, we do our Jewish tutoring online at your schedule and at your pace. Jewish tutoring customized to your needs is now available in the convenience of your home or office!

If you’re ready to start your Jewish learning program, contact us. We’ll help you learn for your adult bat mitzvah!

PS – we’ve also helped men who didn’t have bar mitzvahs, or for whom it’s been a long time!

PPS – we also specialize in online bar/bat mitzvah lessons for children!

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