Testimonials from other Jewtor students

“I want to thank you for teaching me how to lein (chant) Torah. You are a great teacher and I love learning from you. You turned me into a star Torah leiner. You are the ‘Gold Standard’ with a clear, beautiful voice, and I will always be grateful for the honor of learning from you. When I lein Torah, my Rabbi and Congregants come up and tell me how beautifully I lein and how moved they are, and that is because of you. I encourage anyone with a desire to lein Torah to learn from the very best. Thank you always.” – Barbara

“I decided to resume my study of Hebrew after a hiatus of over 45 years, the period between the end of 11 years of Hebrew School and this past Spring….Although I had previously attempted studying Hebrew again on numerous occasions during both my undergraduate and graduate studies and even afterwards, my efforts never lasted more than a well-intentioned semester. This past year has been different….Bettina is a very motivating teacher. She is patient yet exacting when it comes to pronunciation and grammar….She is also able to make all kinds of connections between areas that I, as an adult learner, find both helpful and meaningful: she has extensive knowledge of both the Hebrew Bible and the various Jewish prayer services, and through immediate recall of biblical and liturgical passages she can illustrate the grammar and vocabulary being studied….Her personal experiences with multiple languages give her insight into the language learning process of her students, with a special appreciation of any difficulties they might encounter. She is thus both rigorous and compassionate in her attitude, demanding yet reasonable and flexible in her expectations….This past summer we worked on the Book of Ruth and the Book of Esther….Bettina has continued teaching me long distance over the phone. This past fall we finished the Book of Esther and then studied the Book of Jonah, followed by a review of chapters 8 through 10 of Brandeis Modern Hebrew. For our current lessons, Bettina has been teaching me Megillat Esther tropes so that I can chant chapter 4 at next month’s Purim services.” – K.

“I turned to Bettina to tutor our daughter in overall Judaic Studies and Hebrew when I wanted a more in-depth Jewish education. I wasn’t really sure which direction to take, and after learning about [my daughter’s] educational background, Bettina suggested and developed a comprehensive framework which incorporated modern Hebrew, the weekly parsha, Jewish and Israeli history. Bettina has a real knack for teaching children – understanding the importance of using different tools to engage and inspire her students: singing, discussion, stories, movement, and even internet research were just some of the mediums which Bettina used to teach both language and difficult theological concepts at age appropriate levels. It was very clear to me that Bettina put in much time and effort to prepare for the weekly lessons and made the most of the one-hour sessions. Most importantly, however, my daughter always looked forward to her time with Bettina, who made learning seamless and fun.” – Ellen

“I felt very comfortable during our classes. Bettina is very knowledgeable and a very good teacher.” – David


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