What you can learn in a personal Jewish tutoring program

At Jewtor, we specialize in online personal bar/bat mitzvah lessons, online Hebrew lessons, and other personal Jewish tutoring, all online. You can learn:

  • Conversational Hebrew (modern Hebrew as spoken in Israel today)
  • How to read Torah using the proper cantillation (trope)
  • How to chant a haftarah (the reading from the Prophets that follows the Torah reading) using the proper cantillation (trope)
  • How to lead a synagogue prayer service with the right melodies for each service (weekdays, Shabbat, holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur)
  • Any book in the Hebrew Bible through in-depth, personalized study, including the weekly Torah portion
  • How to have an aliyah to the Torah
  • How to read/chant the megillah (the Book of Esther) on Purim
  • How to read/chant Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs) on Passover
  • How to read/chant Ruth on Shavuot
  • How to read/chant Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) on Sukkot
  • How to read/chant Eicha (Lamentations) on Tishah b’Av (the ninth of Av)
  • Hebrew literature
  • How to live a Jewish life (making your home kosher, observing Shabbat, and whatever else you’d like to know)
  • Other Jewish studies – let us know what your interest is

Personal Jewish tutoring online is what we do at Jewtor – since 2011!

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